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Nortons' software program is designed to increase your device security to protect from the internet viruses. The software program usually consists of an antivirus tool, adware remover, firewall amongst many others.
Norton is without a doubt one of the maximum well-known net safety companies to be had. But it is not appreciated with the aid of all as it could be taken into consideration hard to use and/or preserve. One hassle that has been glaring in my studies of the product is many customers are being frustrated by the regular pop-ups, even when surfing secure websites. Furthermore, the software program is massive and is understood to sluggish down overall performance speeds upon smaller structures. The software also makes it very time consuming to get rid of absolutely, as a result of why this article has been put together. Comply with the stairs under to completely do away with the program out of your gadget.

Un-install Norton Antivirus

  • 1. Firstly make sure that Norton Antivirus is not running. To do this press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, select Task Manager and then locate the Processes area.
  • 2. Scroll down the list and locate Norton and single click. Click End Processes.
  • 3. Find the Start button, and then navigate to the Control Panel.
  • 4. Click the Uninstall a program icon. If you are using XP or a lower OS then this will be labeled Add/Remove Programs.
  • 5. Scroll to Norton Antivirus and click the Uninstall button.
  • 6. The wizard should explain everything clearly, but just make sure you click to remove all.
  • 7. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • 8. Repeat this process from step 5 onwards for any other Norton software that you are aware is installed on your system.
  • 9. Restart your computer system.

The above method works perfectly excellent if you know exactly what you're putting off. However in case you are ignorant of all the traces of the software program on your pc the above procedure will now not work absolutely. This is maximum obtrusive inside your home windows registry. But do no longer attempt to dispose of these entries manually unless you know exactly what you're doing. Doing so could lead to computer malfunction and corruption. In this situation, you should opt for a Profession Norton Support

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  • NortonT AntiVirus 2011
  • NortonT Internet Security 2011
  • NortonT Internet Security Netbook Edition
  • NortonT Online Backup 25GB
  • Symantec pcAnywhereT 12.5
  • Symantec pcAnywhereT 12.5 Host

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